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So thank you Allicraft!! She has this amazing hat on her site with free instructions. I just fell in love with it. Funniest thing is I was gonn email her to find out how to do the increases for a size 9-12 month old and poof!!! It was there. So I crochet it up and it looks good. I used a size 8mm crochet hook instead of a 10mm. It looked too big so I added chin straps. And the ears are not on straight. But its my first ears lol. I sewed them on but will take them off and re-attempt the sewing on straight part.

Here a a few pics 🙂


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So I am going on try number 5 for my nephews hat! Its either huge and has no shape or its to small lol. I keep ripping it and putting it aside. Going to try again later.

So instead I made this headband and quite pleased with the results. The flower patter is from Crochet dreams and the band is a simple chain and joined and dc.

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Well first thing first.   My beautiful blue-green flower turned into this head band.   I found this marvelous pattern and made it my own.


Headband + Flower

I am quite happy with it.   The head band is 3 sc strands with a base.   But I actually attached the base to the flower.


Now this beauty I adore.   I got the pattern from this web site A. Turner Design

My first attempt was awful.  I am still so new at this that I am having difficulties reading the meaning patterns.   So this is what it looked like

First Horrible AttemptI

I was actually proud but i would definitely not fit a 12-18 month old.  It fit me.   I did it with a 5″ crochet hook.   With Handycraft Cotton – So I ripped it and re-attempted.   This time I used a 4.5″ crochet hook and made the patter for a 3-6 month old.   It turned out awesome.   I just have to add the buttons.


2nd attempt with 4.5" crochet hook

I love it love it love it.   The pattern is so pretty.   This is for a boy but I thought I could adapt it by adding a flower and no flap for buttons.


I have a girlfriend who is Bebe Crochet and I have to say she is my inspiration.   I see the work she has been doing and wanted to try.      Anyone interested in purchasing some her crochet stuff check out Bebe Crochet on Facebook




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I am still somewhat new to crochet although my mom taught me simple crochet at a young age.   But who are we kidding…lol I have no idea what the stitches were ha ha.     So I have picked up a hat pattern that I liked for crochet.   And I tried the 6-12 month to make a cute hand for my bff baby son.   Turned out the hat fit my 7 DD!!   So I decided to feminize it.     Lets add a flower.     I found this awesome Irish Rose pattern and decided to try my hand at it.    Was not easy when your just learning to read patterns.  TG for YOU TUBE!!! LOL

I showed my DH yesterday and he was super impressed!    I am very proud lol

1st round (RS) Using color A, make a slip ring, ch 2, sc 7 in ring, pull end to close ring, sl st to top ch of 2 ch. 8 sts.
2nd round ch 2, sc 1 in base of first ch, sc 2 in each of next 7 sts, sl st to top ch of 2 ch. 16 sts.
3rd round ch 4, [skip 1 sc, sc 1 in next sc, ch 3] 7 times, sl st to top ch of 4 ch.
8 ch-sp.
4th round [sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sc 1] in each ch-sp. 8 petals. Fasten off with color B.
Continue with B.
5th round Folding petals forward and working into the back of petals, sl st in the 2 strands that form the base of each of first 3 sts of next petal, [ch 3, sc 1 in base of dc at center of next petal] 7 times, ch 3, sl st in 3rd of 3 sl st.
6th round [sc 1, hdc 1, dc 3, hdc 1, sc 1] in each ch-sp. Fasten off with color C.
Continue with C.
7th round Folding petals forward and working into the back of petals as before, sl st in base of each of next 4 sts, [ch 5, sc 1 in base of center dc] 7 times, ch 5, sl st in 4th of 4 sl st.
8th round [sc 1, hdc 1, dc 5, hdc 1, sc 1] in each ch-sp. Fasten off.

Irish rose chart

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Well I thought I would try this again.   I am very excited as I am starting some hobbies once again after a 3 year Hiatus.    For Christmas, my goal is to have as many beanies and head bands done for gifting.   I would also like to try my hand at some chunky mitts.    So I thought I would start this blog so see my progress as I mover forward.   I am also very excited in doing some of these types of knits for craft shows.   My MIL decided to try this for extra cash… so needless to say it give me something to look forward to.

I am a mom of 2.   A boy 9 and girl 7.    They are the love of my life.       It’s going to be fun to see them try on my projects and to take pictures 🙂

Wish me luck!

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